Who We Are, and How to Join

OWEA is supported by substantial personal contributions from a diverse group of professionals throughout the world.

Right now, OWEA is engaged in two parallel activities: bringing together curricula, people, and organizations and promoting Web Development education; and planning the details for the organization that will carry this mission forward. If you are interested in either or both of these activities, please contact us.

  • Model Pilot Programs
  • Mark DuBois
  • Jeff Brown
  • Lars Gunther
  • Leslie Jensen-Inman
  • Executive Committee
  • Glenda Sims
  • John Allsopp
  • Ben Friedman
  • Aaron Gustafson
  • Leslie Jensen-Inman
  • Henny Swan
  • Aarron Walter
  • Curriculum
  • Aarron Walter
  • Virginia DeBolt
  • Mark DuBois
  • Scott Fegette
  • Pamela Fox
  • Chris Mills
  • Doug Schepers
  • Sandi Wassmer