A better Web for a better world.

We are committed to furthering Web education through the following goals:

Facilitate the creation of a Web Craft Degree. We will support faculty in universities, community colleges and high schools to establish a new comprehensive field of study in the Web Crafts.

Foster Web Craft Curriculum. We will nurture a living curriculum framework that emphasizes best practice and open Web standards, adaptable to the needs of universities, community colleges and high schools.

Evolve a Sustainable Web Ecosystem. We are a forum where the evolving needs of education, research and industry meet to further the Web.

Encourage usable and practical Web standards. We will provide a channel for Web Craft educators to give valuable feedback on how to make Web standards as teachable, learnable and intuitive as possible. Concurrently, industry and practitioners advocate for Web standards that are feasible.

Establish Web Career Pathways. We will clarify definitions of roles and competencies of the Web profession, so that individuals understand how to enter, successfully develop and navigate within the Web profession. By defining career pathways that correspond to the living curriculum, we help ensure that we are continually meeting the needs of education, research and industry.